General Copyright Inquiries: Examples of copyrighted works In general, any original work of authorship may be protected by copyright. Copyrighted materials may be subject to claims of copyright infringement. The most common reason we take down videos for copyright infringement is that they are unauthorized copies of copyrighted content, and the owners of the copyrighted content have alerted us that their content is being used without their permission. Once we become aware of an unauthorized use, we will remove the video promptly. See for more information about U.S. copyright law. Some examples of potentially infringing content are: TV shows o Including sitcoms, sports broadcasts, news broadcasts, comedy shows, cartoons, dramas, etc. o Includes network and cable TV, pay-per-view and on-demand TV Music videos, such as the ones you might find on music video channels Videos of live concerts, even if you captured the video yourself o Even if you took the video yourself, the performer controls the right to use his/her image in a video, the songwriter owns the rights to the song being performed, and sometimes the venue prohibits filming without permission, so this video is likely to infringe somebody else's rights. Movies and movie trailers Commercials Slide shows that include photos or images owned by somebody else ® 2010 rights protected.